3 Tips on starting your own design agency.

3 Tips on starting your own design agency.


3 Tips on starting your own design agency.
Advice on starting my first design agency.
What services should I offer when starting a design firm? Does having a cause help me to market my design services?

Chris offers some tips to those that are starting their first design agency via this episode of AMA. Filmed at the Santa Monica Bluffs.

00:23 I want to launch my own agency, do I need to specific one area of focus?
02:20 Social cause or cause marketing
02:51 Should I create separate logos for the different services that I provide.
03:51 Bonus episode Vlog. Chris shares what it’s like to run a design agency.

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  1. referring to the first advice if I do 3 things like this girl and I want to work for other people as a freelance or to brand my business as diverse so how many things can I cram into that one branding?

  2. I have the same goal, Yes! I have a lot to offer. This really helps! I was going to do branding, I feel that I am really good at branding. I will be sending you my question thanks.

  3. The leadership role is something people underestimate. In a lot of scenarios you have to really think about grooming the successors of task that you once would take on yourself and really just "Clone Your Execution and Philosophy" down the line. Being in charge means enabling and educating others and helping eliminate barriers to success, and that is something I've learned watching you guys.

  4. the bonus video is substantial. I do not own a firm but I do bring in designers to work on projects from time to time. Sometimes I feel less of a designer and more of an admin often selling the client on a promised design and direction then having to relay that to a designer. Often times the designer wants the work to be an open forum but I have to stay true to what was promised to the client. The rub happens because I too want to explore the possibilities within the project, reminiscent of the college days, but I have to run a business. It is a fine line and I need to find the balance before I grow the business.

  5. Hey Chris Is that prescription sunglasses or you got contacts on? :)) Love the show watched all your videos ! keep it up mate

  6. The bird poo on your car window needs to go bro. It's too distracting! Great video though. The part about business background and design experience in particular was something i could personally relate to.

  7. what the heck of talent u got broh it was a great video..!u got some serious skills..! hope ull checkout my chnl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKEkUBV99xE if u like pls do subscribe! eagerly waiting to see 200 subs