Beginners guide to Personalising WordPress Metro Pro Theme

Beginners guide to Personalising WordPress Metro Pro Theme

In this video I will walk you through some very easy basic steps on how to personalise your Metro Pro Theme (child theme of Genesis).

I am keeping it very simple and at beginner entry level for all those who have never had the experience of building their own website on a the WordPress platform using one of the WordPress themes.

This video does not encompass all possibilities of customisation but rather just focusses on the few basic steps to get you up and running.

This video is also based on the Metro Pro theme website from the view of a SFM (six figure mentors) member and the SFM Authority site you are given already partially built out with your banners, content and affiliate links already done for you.

Just one of the many great bonuses you receive when becoming a member of the SFM business training system..

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