Blog Ideas, Blog Post Ideas, How To Write a Blog

Blog Ideas, Blog Post Ideas, How To Write a Blog


How to get Blog Post Ideas. Fab Blog Ides. X0X0 Renae.

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  1. How can you take this person seriously if your looking for advice on a topic, there's really no need to be acting silly on camera. People just want to learn how what you have to offer as your title describes, "Blog Ideas, Blog Post Ideas, How To Write a Blog". Not trying to offend you or anything, but I don't see the point in this childish behaviour.

  2. i wasnt expecting judkins lol.. i thought maybe rchristine or richmom would of been more of an appropriate emailage.. and yes my glorious english accent, what a character i am. i will email u tomozo as its beddy byez for me

  3. rofl. Your post is best read in your fabulous accent. Email me at my very personalist email judkinslv at gmail

  4. ohh so your going to take my collab virginity are you..! i shall have to ask my mother.. but in the mean time do you have some other form of contact like a telegram or pigeon or whatever people use these days..?

  5. That's so strange. I got a LOT of emails from people with kinks in their necks. I wonder if the world turned too hard on its axis. Lol at looking like a PEZ dispenser. That's exactly how I felt through this whole vlog.

  6. Ew. That sounds so gross anyway. Lol about your blog. Sometimes I feel like people who email me are like that. I seriously made the mistake of accepting a chat with one of them once and regretted it for days.

  7. Drinking pickle juice after eating a Twinkie will cure that neck pain…, DOH! No more twinkies? Thats okay. I lied anyway. Nasty habbit. Bad Dave! Bad!
    I had a Blog once – I wont say it was the most successful blog ever – but people liked my crazy off the wall so called humor. I think they were all mental hospital escapees or something. Oh well, still its nice to be appreciated. :-O

  8. Its cool to have people to ask questions for topics. Oh and don't stab your computer! That's not very… knife. Ha.