Evaluation of blogging at Squarespace

by admin on January 27, 2009

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Squarespace.com was my first evaluation of a low cost, point and click solution for new bloggers.

I allowed myself two hours with the goal of creating a blog with images, video, affiliate links and then perform some search engine optimization

Evaluation of Squarespace

I started with the Squarespace video presentation on th home page and this provided a brief but cogent introduction to the benefits and features of the product. So far so good.

Next was the fifteen minute demonstration video. This was less engaging so I abandoned this half way through feeling that I had enough to get going.

Now I had to choose a topic for my blog. The snoring of my dogs under the table was the inspiration I needed so  I bought the domain cavalier-king-charles-spaniels.com at joker.com and then signed up to Squarespace with a login name of cavalier-king-charles as there was a length restriction on the name.

This is what the blog contains:

  • first blog post with text, pictures and embedded video 
  • about me page with pictures
  • picture gallery
  • an RSS feed
  • site search facility
  • product recommendations with affiliate links to a Amazon and Dog online

I then did the DNS set up of http://www.cavalier-king-charles-spaniels.com to point at http://cavalier-king-charles.squarespace.com

The end product looked like this….

Positives about Squarespace

  • Very good documentation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Main facilities are right out of the box

Negatives about Squarespace

  • Site was slow - in fact all squarespace sites were quite slow - even the ones they recommend on their home page
  • Editing of large images was unreliable, - small images were okay
  • It was not obvious how to change meta data for search engine optimization, i.e. title tags, description and keywords.
  • Creating of book recommendation link to Amazon did not work - this might be because I was using an evaluation version - free 14 day trial.

Squarespace Tips

  • Edit your images locally on your PC first to make them approximately the right size before uploading them to Squarespace for inclusion on a page
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