CakePHP 1.3 **Shared Hosting** Server Set Up & Configuration

CakePHP 1.3 **Shared Hosting** Server Set Up & Configuration


In this tutorial, I cover the very basics of getting your CakePHP web site up and running on a shared hosting server account such as: GoDaddy, HostGator, etc…


  1. hey Jason on the second part that you edited my looks a little bit like this
     $vendorPath = ROOT . DS . APP_DIR . DS . 'bezaworh' . DS . 'public_html' . DS . 'cake' ;
    $dispatcher = 'Cake' . DS . 'Console' . DS . 'ShellDispatcher.php';
    if (!defined('CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH') && file_exists($vendorPath . DS . $dispatcher)) {
    define('CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH', $vendorPath);
    it is not working 

  2. Thank you for the slow and painful tutorial. IF only tutorials went by like some of these dumb gossip videos 

  3. hi jasonwydro

    after i set up the website on live server: when i view the site i got the messages below:

    " Error: The requested address '/' was not found on this server."

    any idea??


  4. Thanks very much !!, I only have a question, if you put the cake and the app folder in public_html, that means it would be visible to end user, right ?, wouldnt be better to place those in the home folder ?

  5. Despues de dar vueltas y vueltas desesperadamente, es que encuentro esta solución, que me ha funcionado 100%. Gracias

  6. I tried your solution, it works!!!!!!!!
    I have worried about this for an entire day.
    But still that question I asked before, if I want to put all my files in a subfolder in the public_html folder, will it work if I update the index.php accordingly? I will try that out tonight.

    Thousand thanks!!!

  7. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the tutorial.

    Do I have to put the app, cake… all the folders directly under the public_html folder, or I can put it in a subfolder of public_html?

  8. /data/23/2/76/85/2239900/user/2461013/htdocs

    but the location of where the default index.php file is located at is:


    and cake is located at


    how can I get this to work?! I keep gettin g a 404


    Warning: include(cake/bootstrap.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream

    Fatal error: CakePHP core could not be found. Check the value of CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH in APP/webroot/index.php.

  9. I followed yours, and others tutorials, everything from adjusting the htaccess files to doing what you did (on to network solutions shared hosting).

    12 hours later.. PLEASE HELP!

    On my development server, the application i created is located at


    and when I follow your tutorial, I move the files etc, and for the web root directory. phpInfo declares it as