CTR Themes – Best Premium Adsense WordPress Theme (Review)

CTR Themes – Best Premium Adsense WordPress Theme (Review)


Hi Guys, I’ve made this video on ctr themes (a premium adsense theme) so that you can get a better idea of what this adsense theme can actually do. As shown, I am making good income by using this ctr theme and I would suggest you to check it out and try it your self, by using this link below



  1. Hi,
    Recently I bought this WordPress theme called Adsense Pro Ultimate. I think you are showing in this video about this theme. I am looking for videos in You Tube that will teach me more about using this theme for building Adsense sites.
    I would appreciate much if someone could inform me about videos and resources about setting up adsense site with Adsense Pro Ultimate Theme.


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  3. I work as a web designer and I just created a bunch of video tutorials for wordpress. WP experts say that this is the most extensive wordpress package of 2013. Period. If you want to find out more, click on my username. I posted a link for this amazing course.

  4. i am really excited to use this theme its good and has made me some money too. its my first day using it so i hope it will keep on making me money thru adsense :D

  5. I have been using Adsense pro ultimate the for quite some time and I must say that I am impressed by the results I have seen so far. I now get over 9% CTR on some of my TOP sites and the money is flowing in….SWEET!!! :)

  6. I have created a lot of wordpress websites and I know that configuring wordpress can be a big hassle and most webmasters get it wrong. So I decided to record every detail of my work in a video course. please go to my channel and watch the one video I posted. 

  7. @Esmicompra No wonder sooo many people are clicking on it and making me money! No body cares about the logo…!! But I appreciate your thoughts on it :)

  8. @chaned1212 Belive it or not, it is frm one single site….Frankly, I cant believe it myself what this theme can actually do. I have tried many adsense themes (free and premium) but non of them gave me such good results as this one. There are several themes on the site, but the one i am using is adsense pro ultimate, from ctr-themes[dot]com

    Give it a try and hopefully you'll make as much as I m… :)