Embed your blog into a Weebly site

Embed your blog into a Weebly site


This tutorial explains how to embed your Blogger blog into your Weebly site. Full tutorial on:

The code you need to copy and paste is located there also. (Code snippets are not allowed in the YouTube comments, because they contain brackets)


  1. Vlad! Very good tutorial – one question: I may have to edit posts on my Blogger site; will these automatically update on Weebly?

  2. Thanks for the video. Will i still see stats on blog views etc in my blogger account if it's from an embedded version?

  3. Hi Vladimir, thanks for such a great tutorial! I'm actually trying to embed one of my blog pages from Weebly onto one area of my Weebly homepage. It works with your directions, I was just wondering if it's possible to get rid of the header with the drop down menu in my embedded blog. I know I can use the feed reader and embed it that way, but none of my pictures show up in the blog. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  4. Question for you… my blog has three columns.  I can't seem to make this formula work.  Would there be different code if there are three columns rather than just two?  Should I just punt this plan and change the template of my blogger blog to two columns instead?

  5. Thanks for your video Vladimir, that´s helpful. One question: do you know how can I transfer my actual domain from blogger (http://www.sirlovingfood.com) to Weebly? I mean, I want to maintain the same web address but using the weebly technology. Thanks a lot.

  6. Yes, you can find the code in the link in the description of the video. I would have posted it directly, but it has brackets in it.