Football Club – Premium Soccer Team WordPress Theme by Themeboy

Football Club – Premium Soccer Team WordPress Theme by Themeboy


Create a professional looking soccer website for your football team. Football Club is a highly functional premium WordPress theme made specifically for coaches, managers, players and sports fans.

This elegant theme comes with built-in capability to easily create extensive player and staff profiles, manage team statistics in a league table, and display upcoming games (fixtures) and scores of recent games (results) with detailed venue information.

Try out the live demo to see if this theme is right for you.


  1. Hey Josh, many of our users are using Football Club for sports other than soccer/football, including rugby. If you would like to see some examples, feel free to check out our user showcase on our homepage :)

  2. Is it possible to have a statistic page with goals, games, cards and so on? And can I have different pages for each team? My club has 3 teams and I want to keep the statistic seperate.

  3. The theme is available for purchase from our website. You can find a link to more information about the Football Club theme in the video description. 

  4. Yes, you can create player groups which allows you to sort players by team. Using the [players] shortcode, you can create different pages for each team. However, there is no grouping for staff in the current version (we're working on it!). 

  5. Wicked but is it also possible to sort players out in different teams and not just one club. so like you have under the tab players&staff multiple clubs. e.g Arsenal / first team /
    ManU / first etc?

  6. Thank you for your question! You can add and customize the clubs and leagues that your club plays in, including team crests (logos) and statistics. We've also added the ability to add player groups, allowing you to sort players into different teams within your club.