Free Blogging

This page is aimed at bloggers who want a free solution: free hosting, free software and free advice.

The limitation with ‘free’ is typically a lack of control and certain limitations but you can live with this in the short term at least. For example, you will not be able to use the blog directly for commercial purposes

It is worthwhile starting out with a free solution until you establish the discipline of regular blogging.

Get started right now with Wordpress

My first suggestion is to go with wordpress as it is the industry leader

Visit and choose a username, password, register with your email address and finally choose a name for your blog. You are now ready to start blogging

The one I chose was

Over the coming months I will look at other free solutions and compare these to wordpress.

The evaluation will be based on a few simple criteria:

  • ease of setup
  • ease of use
  • search engine friendliness
  • effectiveness in generating traffic