Hosted Blogging

This page is aimed at new bloggers that want to get up and running with their blog in a few hours.

There are a number of providers in this space. What their goal is to hide much as the technical complexity as possible and present the blogger with a point and click solution. As well as providing hosting for the blog, they provide a number of wizards or widgets that make it easy to add content. This allow the blogger to focus on the content and pretty much ignore the technology. The charge for this service is typically between $8 and $75 a month

In this blog I will evaluate a number of these providers.

Squarespace Hosted Point and Click Solution

The first hosted point and click solution I evaluated was squarespace.

I was able to put together a blog (for my dog Rocco) using Squarespace in just over two hours.

The blog comprised the following:

  • first blog post with text, pictures and embedded video
  • about me page with pictures
  • picture gallery
  • an RSS feed
  • site search facility
  • affiliate link to a shop

The site is at