How to add a “read more” link to WordPress posts

How to add a “read more” link to WordPress posts


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We often get asked how to edit our themes so that only a snippet of a post displays on the home page or archive/category pages. While it is possible to code themes so that this happens automatically we prefer not to do that and instead suggest you use the baked in functionality of WordPress so you can decide for yourself how much of a given post is displayed on the home and archive pages per post.

This is a short video explaining how to embed the “read more” link in your WordPress posts so that only the first sentence or two shows on the home page and archive or category pages.


  1. I have an infographic at top of my blog. I did the steps you said to do and it won't put Infographic in read more link. It only puts the words in the read more link. Is it possible to put the infographic in the read more link, if it starts at the top of blog?

  2. Please make it clear to everyone that this only works when showing content on the home page. Website design has expanded beyond 2012.

  3. For those who failed to apply this feature! When you do what the video says to do, you have to save the changes and afterwards go to your site and refresh it too. At first I did not see the changes too. But when refreshed the site it was there.

  4. It doesn't work for me either. I'm a newbie and am using the Divi theme builder. I insert a "Read More" tag but it's ignored. I saw a comment elsewhere that a WordPress update just this week caused the "Read More" tag to stop working. Anybody else having this problem?

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  6. That's not working for theme development purpose when i am trying to restrict the content using the demonstrated techniques i only get a line break with all the content still displayed 

  7. You saved my life! I was going crazy because of the full content, and the only thing I needed to do was READ ALL THE BUTTONS! 🙂 anyway, thank you very much!

  8. I have a question. I'm writing stories and post them by parts. How do I make a link on the right with a widget to put my parts of the story, to stay within wordpress? 

  9. Wonderful, it is just great to learn. I have a question, please have a look on this site, do you know how this page made. The page have various links, along with post name, date, author detail, however it also have thumbnail, clicking on either one can take you the real post. Here is the site. 

  10. Charles, thanks so much for your quick response. I have done as you've suggested and will now wait and see the outcome when I next post a blog. Fingers crossed. I am slowly getting to grips with the complex mechanics of WordPress but having the immediacy of your knowledge to tap into makes the problem solving so much easier. I may be back!

  11. Hi Emma, how are you emailing the posts out? Whatever the solution it probably works by pulling in the RSS feed and then emailing all the new posts to email subscribers. In this case you need to make sure that the RSS doesn't contain the full post content. This is a setting easily changed under Settings > Reading.

  12. This is very useful information but I'm not sure it applies to my specific need which is having the 'read more' link added to posts that are emailed out. If I can do that then it ensures followers read the blog on the blog site rather than read the entire thing on their phone. Also helps keep the stats more accurate. Would be very grateful if you can help as I've been unable to solve this problem.

  13. Brilliant. Thank you!

    I went to the wordpress (org) forum and found tons of complex answers for adding a customized Read More link, etc.

    It's amazing how effective this 2:11 minute video is. It worked great for me.


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  15. Hi Johanna, what is the link for your site? I can't comment much without seeing how the site is set up.

    Are you inserting the "read more" link in the way described in the video or does your theme automatically excerpt your posts on the home page and archive pages?

  16. Thanks for this, but do you know how to move the read more link? On my blog, "continue reading" shows up beneath the related posts and social media links. How can I make it appear alongside the text?