How to Customize a WordPress Theme with Firebug | Modify Your WordPress...

How to Customize a WordPress Theme with Firebug | Modify Your WordPress Site’s CSS to Make Changes

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In this video I’ll show you how to customize a WordPress theme using Firebug–a free Firefox add-on (there is a lite version for Chrome, Safari, etc). Using Firebug you can easily modify a WordPress theme’s CSS to make changes to the look of your website. ANYONE can use Firebug, no knowledge of CSS & HTML is required.

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  1. Hey, nice video…thanks. One question…Where did you get the color codes from when changing the background color?

  2. thank you very much for great tutorial, is amongs the best. it would have been better to stick to one theme, at the beginning you use wp editor on twenty twelve theme, then you switch to twenty thirteen theme. for a beginner like me it is a bit confusing, however i managed to go through it in details

  3. I was referred to this video by the OptimizePress support!
    Man this made my day! Thank you! I feel a new level of possibilities is coming!
    You are a Champion Mr. Simmons!

  4. Awesome description of a great looking tool. Thanks for showing how you use it. I like the right-click activation not shown in another tutorial.

  5. Hi Mike. Like Jonathon Perlata some way below this post, I was with you up until it comes to pasting the new / copied rule declaration into my child theme. Any clues as to whereabouts I need to paste it, please. Beginning, middle, or end? Or somewhere more specific? I can't make it work. Thanks. Dave

  6. Hi, I entered it in my premiumpress website in the style.css but didnt work? How do I get to change the menu color of my website?

  7. Hey Mike great video i was looking for something like this. I was able to follow along until the part where you actually add the coding from firebug to the actual theme I can't figure that part out. Can you please help out. Thanks

  8. Hi Mike, I wonder if you could help please?  I've spent a lot of time tonight updating and trying out new formatting tools on my new website and somehow I have managed to change the overall appearance of the site and I have no idea how to correct it?  The pages did originally appear as landscape but now they are portrait and appear very small in relation to the background image?  Also the logo is out of proportion and the full image does not fit on the page?  I have spent hours/days getting this far so I really hope you can offer some advice as to how I can revert it to how it looked yesterday!!  The web address is  Many thanks Denise

  9. I want to make my web site page to be the much wider, I use the option no side bar but i have big empty space on both side and i just want the center to be wide as the full page, any tips thanks.

  10. Help … again!  This is awesome and I was able to make some changes following along with the video and they looked great.  But they didn't save?!?  What am I doing wrong?  I do have a child theme.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

  11. Thanks a lot for your nice comment! If you have been into web design, you're going to love WP. And if you do get stuck, let me know, I'll try to help you out if I can.

    …which video are you talking about as the starting one? :)

  12. Mike I literally fell across these videos and they are great! I have been doing web design for a while but am new to really digging into WP. I really need to learn this fast as I am doing two sites in WP. I am going to use a Themeforest theme on both of them so I may hit you up if I have any snags. I can't tell you how MUCH I appreciate your videos and help for others. You are a hero in my eyes.Also, where is the 2nd, 3rd etc vid from the starting one? They seem to jump all over after that. 

  13. Hi guys, if you are learning WordPress or have a website already online, learning how to use Firebug to modify your WP theme's CSS will allow you to make changes to your site's look–and it's not hard WordPress beginners!

    Please leave your comments or questions below…and have fun! :)