How To Downgrade WordPress 4.1 To An Older Version

How To Downgrade WordPress 4.1 To An Older Version


In this video, we’re going to downgrade wordpress to an older version. For more details visit
To follow along, you’ll need to use an ftp program like Filezilla or your hosting file manager. It’s relatively easy to downgrade wordpress but if you run into any problems your welcome to contact me for help.

If you visit my blog link above, I also show you how to disable wordpress from automatically updating.
You can download any older version of wordpress from here


  1. I am a new user of wordpress but i am a web designer with css & html, yesterday a client needed to change his wordpress website changes which is already running in perfect condition, as i am a new guy in wordpress, I watch some tutorial & start working on it, this site has a database like online purchase option, as soon as i worked on it, everything got mess-up along with the database, now the button of the site is showing [dsp-] something like this & images are hotchpotch. now i am in the deep shit as my owner is shouting at me as I ruined the site which was working perfectly. please help me in this regards, how can i revert the old site.
    I’d be thankful to you.
    Note: before doing any work in wordpress, i tried to update the wordpress version but had to stop in half its way due to fear of anything happens wrong.

  2. Hi, I have the lastest wordpress version and I'm having some problems with my theme probably because it's not compatible with the latest version of wordpress. I already have content in my site and the menus, footer, etc is also edited. How can I backup my site and just import it again after I downgraded my wordpress?

  3. Hi , I just updated to wordpress 4.2 . But having error with gallery page and Slider.
    I installed wordpress using one click install. Do i have any alternative to downgrade to 4.1 version . I have taken the Xml backup of website before updat.

    Website link :  Thanks in Advance.

  4. I was having problems with the Media Gallery so I thought I would downgrade as it once worked. I followed the video, and now its broke completely. Do NOT follow this….

  5. Stop all updates before they happen automatically.

    Updates can cause issues with your site + plugins can conflict or fail to work.

    Add this code to your wp-config.php (listed in the single line below)

    define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

    This will disable your WordPress to Auto Update.

    Test your site in a another folder or localhost environment to see if there are any issues with the update.