How to Get Free Traffic to a Blog Post – The Paulymath...

How to Get Free Traffic to a Blog Post – The Paulymath Show – Episode #10

Twitter – In this video I talk about three simple methods to get free traffic to your Blog posts.


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  11. This has been the best 20 mins. I have spent so far today. A good and informative video. Will add it to my reference library. Thanks!

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  17. Good job 🙂 u open my mind with youtube video of 30 sec 🙂 thanks man !
    I watch about 30 40 video on youtube some 1-2 hours but your video is great 🙂 

  18. This video was very well done. I would say it was explained in simplest of terms. Very excellent job. Lost of markerters do no do most of what you mentioned here. I wuold say alot of the things that you talk about work. Some may not still work as many markets are saturated. But I would take what you said and add some newer methods that may work with it. 

  19. Your video was awsome bro! I thought it was going to be like most videos that be tiredsome lol. Hell you did better than most of these so called pros out here. You went staight to the point and didnt use all that technical crap