How To Get Started Building, Designing and Maintaining Your Own Website: With...

How To Get Started Building, Designing and Maintaining Your Own Website: With No Prior Skills


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In this day and age its never been easier to build your own website. There are numerous website building services out there that allow you to take full control of your personal online space.

This video is meant to help direct you towards getting started building your own site, designing it and maintaining it no matter what service you use.

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Get The FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Building Your Online Presence FREE right here as a download

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  1. Get the ENTIRE FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Building Your Online Presence…Then …
    Oops! That page can’t be found.

  2. I would never buy a domain via Squarespace because you may run into trouble getting your domain rights back if you want to change hosting. Just save yourself the headache and buy it from Godaddy or Google.

  3. Could anyone tell me how Jared is able to do that video in the corner thing.I'd like to do some of that.Is it with Open broadcaster software ?

  4. I checked out the branding link but after clicking download guide button nothing happens the site gets stuk or it froze idk what happened

  5. I miss the more frequent photo tips and real world going out and interacting/learning from your shoots stuff like that. I've made my website from your squarespace referral from over a year ago and have been mostly satisfied by it but it's a over a year later and i'm hearing the same stuff. I respect your work and everything you produce because it is always well produced and clear but just thought I would share a little something with you.

  6. You work so hard on these videos and your channel… I can totally respect that. Good job buddy!

  7. hey jared, huge fan, aspiring photographer here in
    Denver. been watching a lot of your videos lately and the information you give is highly appreciated, thank you for all of this. If you have an Instagram feel free to see some of my work my username is @_coolj23

  8. Sir knowledge on photography is like an encyclopaedia and I am from India and your videos have given me a lot of exposure I have a request please make video on high quality filters and their purpose and thank you for sharing know ☺

  9. Currently I use a "selfhosted" wordpress-page ( ). I am currently working on a completely selfmade-portfolio/-page. The great thing about coding and using myself is, that I can customize it to everything – and learn something ;)

  10. I've had a SmugMug, SquareSpace, and WordPress websites. SmugMug and SquareSpace are easier to put up, but they are MUCH more expensive. WordPress is NOT hard to learn, cheaper ($$$) and you can do so much more.

  11. I'm using Wix for my small business. You can pay for a commerce site and it gets rid of all the stupid Wix logos. However, I've found that Wix has a lot of features that you don't realize that you need to pay for in addition to the subscription fee, as well as a lot of limitations. We are going to be switching to square space in the next couple months just before our 1 year is up with Wix. The number of features square space offers seems amazing. Can't wait to start up my free trial in the mean time. Has anyone else tried square space? What do you love/hate about it?

  12. I'm looking at making the switch to Adobe Portfolio which comes free with Adobe CC subscriptions. The great thing about Portfolio, is that it's linked to Behance for more exposure.

  13. Hey Jared, i wanted to ask you if you can check out my website and say what do you think about it
    i am a big fan
    i will really appreciate that 🙂

  14. If you want to control your website yourself, and you have no knowledge of html, css, javascript and a serverside language, I suggest you use the likes of websites that uses templates

  15. You're amazing. I like all of your videos. But the Truth to be told, I dont even have DSLR. But I think I'm gonna get my Nikon D750 soon and I've already watched your reviews and camera adjustments many times. So I'm all good. Thank you very much :)