How to make a free blog with Tumblr! (2014) (HD) Beginners tutorial...

How to make a free blog with Tumblr! (2014) (HD) Beginners tutorial & Guide to tumblr


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In today’s video, I show you guys how to create a blog using tumblr. Tumblr is a popular website which makes it quick and easy to build an awesome blog. Blogging can be very rewarding as you build up readers and you can also learn how to make money from blogging. Throughout the video, I show you how to signup for tumblr, how to create a blog on tumblr, how to add posts to your blog, how the queue works, how to change your blog theme and give you even more handy tips. I hope that you find this video helpful in your efforts with learning how to make a blog for free using tumblr.


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  3. Is it possible to only show a preview of your blog posts on your Tumblr home page, and then when people click on them, they get shown the whole post? Great vid, by the way :)

  4. I have a question. What's the name of the theme you had where you could change the color of it and it gradually got lighter as it went down?

  5. please BlueNoodleStudios ,im kinda new on tumblr  🙂 my Q is pretty silly but if its possible ,tell me how to change my picture and how to send one!! 🙁  " im realy that stupid dont ask" :p 

  6. When i click on "Customize" come's a new tab : Edit theme .. i want to customize my dashboard not my theme Help !

  7. This is really urgent but because tumblr changed there customize page how do you add a link to the menu bar like where it says home and theme how to i make my own in the new settings