How to Make a Free Website – It’s Easy & Looks Professional

How to Make a Free Website – It’s Easy & Looks Professional

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This tutorial will show you how to create a professional-looking, free website. It’s so easy that anyone can do it. If you’re a beginner without any knowledge of html, that’s fine. You can still do it. I’m not talking about creating a facebook page, or a myspace page . . . nothing ridiculous like that. I’m talking about creating a 100% free website that looks professional, without any advertising, without any knowledge of html, that’s your very own. Two caveats to this method: you won’t have your own domain name and your customization options are somewhat limited. But for someone who wants to promote a product, or someone who wants to create a high-quality teacher website, this is the way to go. It’s really, truly amazing how you can have a website that doesn’t cost a dime and looks so professional.

NEW VIDEO POSTED! It expands on this one and explains how to upload pictures, embed videos, etc.


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  4. real websites don't have the NAME behind it people want something you have to pay. you don't see it would never be visited even if it was they are going to get probably 21% of any profit because they are doing all the work. to generate a good quality website upstanding PAY. Plain and simple think of it as an expense add it to your expenses. this is the true way.

  5. Is there a way you can make it so you can promote people to an administrator or other ranks so they can help out on your own website?