How to Price Out Your Web Design Freelance Projects

How to Price Out Your Web Design Freelance Projects

Twitter – In this video I talk about my strategy for pricing out web design freelance projects.

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  1. This is kind of an off topic question… If I want to do a website for someone, but I only know front end, how can I work around the back end development issue? Is there a service that I can use to take over back end for me to complete the project or do I have to refer them to someone else after my job is done?

  2. Helpful. Just dipping my toes in the UI waters because I'm finding that the risk vs reward in illustration is disproportionate (for me). Thanks for the insight.

  3. 5 pages website cost themeforst WordPress theme $60 and design customised Cost $100 they get good website at only $160 I do not know who will pay $2000 – $2500 for 5 pages website? What you thought?

  4. Hi Mike Im starting a freelance web designer company and i feel like my age is going to stop clients from choosing me. I am 15 years old what are your opinions on this problem

  5. HI Mike, will you be incorporating any webflow tutorials on your website? I was wondering how I might take my designs from photoshop to webflow. I remembered you discussing something about this in your last vids. Would love to hear go more in depth with it with some tutorials perhaps

  6. Good info., where do you meet new clients for the first, preliminary meeting? Do you meetup at a nearby coffee shop, their place of business, or your home, where? I'm asking because as a new freelance web designer, I'm trying to decide if I should invite prospective clients to my home, or spend time and money to travel to their place of business if they're really not serious about paying for a website at all or at my price, or if meeting in a impersonal coffee shop is unprofessional. How do you tackle this dilemma?

  7. Idk if you seen the Phlearn photoshop youtube channel, but that guy had a video like this years ago and said whatever number you think in your head, double it. Exactly like you said, everyone always prices themselves too low because they want the job, or they don't have confidence, or they don't want to come across as rude, whatever the reason is the price you think is always too low. Even if you did screw something up you can always take off some money later, but good luck getting extra if you went above and beyond.

  8. What are your thoughts on listing prices/rates up front on your site? Even price ranges or your hourly rate? Is this a good idea?

  9. Hey Mike. When you are making a website for a client do you always design the mockups first for them or does it depend if they want it?

  10. Hey Mike what happens if someone comes at you with the "I have a WordPress theme from Themeforest" or "I can find someone on Upwork for 8 bucks?" I come across these bozos from time to time and let me tell you, I give them the boot usually. It's sickening.

  11. Hey Mike, love your Advices, if you would give me advice for "which Computer is better for someone like you, or want to be UI/UX designer,…