How To Transfer A WordPress WebSite To Hostgator Or A New Host

How To Transfer A WordPress WebSite To Hostgator Or A New Host


Learn how to move a wordpress site to Hostgator or a new hosting company.

If you need to move a website over to Hostgator and it’s a wordpress website, this video is going to show you how to transfer a website and have no downtime.

I’ll be showing you how to transfer a wordpress blog backup and install it on Hostgator hosting, you don’t need to be using Hostgator, your host just needs to access to phpmyadmin to follow along.

In this video I’m going to cover, downloading the wordpress complete backup and database, this is created with a plugin called “WordPress for Google Drive”
Adding domain to Hostgator and installing a new wordpress blog.
Uploading the wordpress blog backup core files via FileZilia a free FTP software program.
And the final step of importing the wordpress blog database via phpmyadmin

If you need any help please feel free to ask for help, if you’ve already joined Hostgator don’t forget you can always jump on the live chat support.

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Here is the long version of how to move a wordpress blog:

WordPress Backup Plugin Videos
This video is a little old and I plan on creating a new one ASAP, the plugin is called “WordPress for Google Plus”.

The other plugin mentioned in the video is called “BackWPup”. I’m going to redo the video and will post link here over the weekend.



  2. Beware – if this is the first site you are transferring over to Hostgator YOU DO NEED the wp-config.php file – else you wont be able to get into phpmyadmin. Youll get 401 permission errors

  3. is there anyway of doing this without going through hostgator. I have a webhost and site so there is no need for me to be pauing £x a month for something I have.

  4. Hi Craig, Thanks for the tutorial, its very informative.
    this is for multiple account under the primary domain (Baby package in HG) and thats what I have from other hosting and planned to transfer to HG. But my question is how do you transfer the primary domain first I mean should I do the same procedure as you described for my primary domain and then add new domain under primary account and follow your steps? Thanks a million :)

  5. So by doing a clean install of WordPress with QuickInstall you're bypassing the part where you have to manually add a database, and edit the wp-config.php file to make contact with the database you made; exactly where a lot of people make mistakes. Smart move!

  6. Hi craig i followed your steps and all seems to have gone well but when i type in my domain it downloads a file and doesnt go to the site….perhaps backed up and transferred over a file i didnt need but not sure! can you help please??

  7. Hi Victor, for some reason I can't reply to your comment directly. I used my cpanel login details to connect to the new hosting, primary domain and cpanel user and pass.  But I would now recommend you take a look at this tutorial 

  8. When you first get on to FireZilla, What Details do you use to get the new files? So in other words, How do you connect to your new hosting ( 4:27  in the video) so I can see all the empty new files like you did?

  9. Just an update, he called the plugin to upload site into google drive "wordpress for google drive," but i had to type in "wp-google-drive" for it to pop up in the admin plug-in search menu.

  10. Craig,
    Having an issue. Don't see any of my pages, content, or photos. Seems to me like possibly a database issue I'm assuming. Any idea as to what it could be? I have followed your video instructions but no luck.

  11. I have did the same thing you have told but i am getting ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN  … anyone can help me out with this error… its kinda urgent 
    thanks in advance 
    p.s – email me the solution 
    ([email protected]

  12. Never mind, I figured it out.  For anyone wondering the same thing, you go to Settings/General and change the WordPress address and Site Address to the new site… DUh.. 🙂  Thanks for the video again!