Make A Free Website With Wix – Free Website Builder Tutorial

Make A Free Website With Wix – Free Website Builder Tutorial


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In this tutorial, we show you exactly how to build a website with the Wix website builder.

Wix is one of the best free website builders, as it allows you to build your website with a very intuitive and easy drag-and-drop interface.

In this video, I show my son, Taka, how to build a website, step-by-step, from scratch. You can watch over our shoulders and build your own website along with us.

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Sign Up and Choose a Template 6:31
Step 2: Learn To Navigate The Editor 10:16
Step 3: Add Your Own Content 16:05
Step 4: Change The Design Of Your Site 1:23:20
Step 5: Discover More Wix Features 1:28:06
Step 6: Learn How To Upgrade 1:30:43

If you run into a problem, or have any questions when creating your website, please feel free to use the support forums on Websites Made Simple, using the link below.


I’d like to give special thanks to the following people for their part in allowing me to use their resources to create this video.

“Life of Riley” by Kevin MacLeod –
“Spring In My Step by Kevin MacLeod –




Websites Made Simple

Make A Free Website With Wix – Free Website Builder Tutorial

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  1. Is there still monthly premium plan available? cause I didn't find monthly plan in options. It is showing only the yearly plan. Please let me if there is away to get monthly plan cause I can only afford monthly.Thanks in advance…

  2. Which website builder allows you to make glowing text, by default without embedding code? Now a days with flash :)

  3. In the first few seconds, we are informed that "Everything is drag and drop" So what I wonder is "drag and drop". So I look it up in Wiki and find

    "In computer graphical user interfaces, drag and drop is a pointing device gesture in which the user selects a virtual object by "grabbing" it and dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual object. In general, it can be used to invoke many kinds of actions, or create various types of associations between two abstract objects."

    So I am not much wiser.

  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if people would be able to post their own content such as photos and videos, on the page when they visit a page created by Wix? Thank you.

  5. Really appreciate this video.
    I saved time, energy and money. I will say thank you, to you and your son for this help in three languages. Somali, Swedish and English.
    Mahad sanid , Tack så mycket and Thank you very much.

  6. im still confused about how big i should upload photos, is wix resizing the picture i uploaded by making a copy of it ? so my original picture size doesent influence web site speed so long its not smaller than 3000 pixel or bigger than 15 mb ?

  7. Succinct and charming. A+ saved me a ton of experimenting. Lived in the City 5 years. Miss the fog horns at night. Lucky you!

  8. How I link the information from other websites to my websites? I mean I would like to update materials of other sites on my web.

  9. Can you help me because when I add an image for my first blog post, it just displays some useless text, when I wanted to use the image that you were using on 54:26 minutes.

  10. I use and the thing I don't really like about it is that you can't individually move the pictures around the page. And you also can't apply an average size to all the pictures so they're all the same size. :(

  11. Todd,
    Thank you I the video was very helpful.
    How do I edit my published website? Do I need to re-publish it each time I edit it?

  12. Thanks a lot or the videos @websitesmadesimple. Out of all these website builders which do you recommend the most ? I don't need anything too advanced, just something simple and easy to use.

  13. Hey Todd,

    Duration of the video at 56.15 after clicking manage your posts, the template posts does not show up in the all posts column nor the published column, because if it does not show, i have to add a new post which will take me longer time. Kindly seek your assistance.

    Aside great video.

  14. haha man … God bless ur little son… he's so cute and sweet man.. reminds me of my son when he was about 4 years old… God bless bro and thx

  15. Cute kid, yes, but the idea that even a child can do a website with Wix is demeaning, and a waste of time. (Very hard to hear him as well.) Yes, a child can build a Wix website, with you sitting right next to him. Got it. Next time, lets cut to the chase and just go through the tutorial and include less obvious stuff like, changing text color, (practically impossible.) The other issue is that you make the same mistake every tech person does, who believes things are "intuitive" because YOU think it intuitive. You do this for a living, you do it every day, you are well practiced. A good teacher is able to put themselves in the place of the student who has never done it before.

  16. When i 'upgrade' does it give me the necessary rights (copyright, patten, trademark of all logos etc) to my own work?