My Best WordPress Plugins 2015

My Best WordPress Plugins 2015


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I have a few WordPress plugins I like to use for and I thought people might like to see which ones I think are the best.

So here they are: the best WordPress plugins (at least for my website).


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It will gonna help me a lot. I have built my website Please check it and let me know some essential plugins for it.

  2. Great vid. I'll use some when I get time. A wee bit o' anger…lol. Might want to recut it now that the anger issue is done…(I'm sure)

  3. My boring Channel I've tried to download the wordpress from its website but after that I still dont get the plugins option in my dashboard 

  4. iKarlafernanda, I can't respond to  your comment because you did not post it as public. My guess is that you are using, the WordPress-hosted version of WordPress. You can't use that version and have plugins too. You have to have your own domain name and host and use the self-hosted version. Good luck.

  5. Hello I have a question… how do I Install the Plugins option in My wordpress Dashboard? I mean mine doesn't have it and I heard that you need to download the wordpress program itself but I did it and didn't work.. because my download compressed… Help!

    My gmaill-  [email protected]

  6. Hi, very interesting your video, could you advise me about what plugin could I use for "popular top post". I'm using the latest version of wordpress and the theme twenty fourteen… thanks in advance

  7. Great video!  PS: Do you have any thoughts on the pricing an individual developer should charge for customizing a theme for a simple WordPress site?