Reseller Hosting Account Video

Reseller Hosting Account Video


Want the best reseller account out there? Then check out:
To check out Hostgator or use the link below.

Need some good domain names?
This is a video covering reseller accounts.


  1. Yes, it takes a reseller hosting solution to kick off your own web hosting business! BookMyIdentity offers reseller hosting at an attractive rate!

  2. Hi Justin. I'm in Australia and I want to start learning about being a reseller. Can I contact you with questions ? Thanks and great video :)

  3. Sorry Tucker, I missed the "affiliates" part and purchased a reseller account. Thank you for the great video. When I first started web development, your videos were a great help to me, so I regret I missed this chance to help you back. If theres any way I can, let me know! -Giancarlo

  4. Hi I just signed up with Hostgator reseller, through your affiliate link, how do I get ahold of you? Is it okay to call you with that number you listed?

  5. Your steps are the same if you go directly there. The link offers things to you at the same price. It is hard to tell 'who' signed up, only that one did. After you do be sure to call with questions if you have any. Best wishes.

  6. Hey Justin, what do i need to do if i sign up for a reseller account with host-gator through your link? will you know I went through your link?

  7. No, sorry – don't have any for WHM and Reseller interfaces. This is something that I can help you through if you call: 405-509-5390

  8. Do you have any videos that show how to set up all the reseller necessities, would like to see the process before I sign up and find out I can't figure it out.

  9. It is manual by default – which is the way I prefer. Otherwise (and speak with Hostgator) Autopilot is a tool you can use. I did automated setups before and found it offered too many ways for a user to screw up – then you are manually dealing with it anyway. Because the setup is so nominal on time I just take care of myself so I know it was done correctly, then sit back and collect for months to come! :)

  10. Justin, I followed your advice and have the web site, WHM and cpanel setup… what I am stuck on now is how do you link the web site to the osCommerce store and then Paypal….then is it manual, once a package is bought, for me to set it up for the user in cpanel or is that automated?

  11. Excellent question. In general no, you do not need to html. Yes, there are web builder programs to help you construct any website, whether it be your reseller site or not. I can consult on how to build your site, the harder part is putting all the logistics together with the reseller. It helps to know up dront, package names, package prices, ect… Let me know if you need anymore help.

  12. So how much are you talking to get started in reselling? Including your own domain name registration. Also how do you find clients to buy your sites?

  13. Do you need to know HTML and other programming languages? Or will they have a wizard to build your reselling site? Or how does that work?

  14. We at superhosting(dot)us give you up to 4 free templates with your own brand, logo, name and prices for hosting reselling. All for free. Just promote, we give you all the tools.

  15. Can you use a custom design for your hosting site with hostgator? or do you have to use one of their templates? Is it white label?

  16. @abans45, yes, for nominal fees you can have autobill (if I remember) set up for you. There is also whmcs that is very comprehensive when managing your hosting clients. – Hope this helps, thanks for your contact.

  17. Hi thanks for ur video.. just i like to know about reseller account… Does hosgater provide any extra tools for My customer cpanel if i needed.

  18. I think I might start his with HostGator sometime in the future. I already have a webhosting account with them. And they are just EXCELLENT! They barely have any types of downtimes. Only once in like.. 5 months.

  19. I have signed up with the reseller account a few days ago and im starting to get the jist of it. My website is almost set up but im having problems with WHMCS, very anoying to set up. Great video!

  20. very helpful video. please click on his link at the top right of his comments. that should help support him and keep his videos rolling

  21. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Yes HostGator is much more flexible, not to mention easy to use. GoDaddy is cheaper but they have a difficult interface, and that will lead to a bunch of customer service you don't need to deal with 😮 With Cpanel once learned, it's learned. Also, it's a risky hassle to start one place, then transfer to another… you'll want to set up shop one time if possible.

  22. Great tips – wouldn't something like GoDaddy's reselling be a bit better though for starting out since there wouldn't be the $25 to $100 per month you'd have to pay while you are working on getting enough clients to cover and exceed that, but instead you'd get money for each order as it comes in? I guess the benefit of host gator is that there is the potential for more profit (and flexibility) down the road.