Serviced Blogging

This section deals with blogging service providers that focus on providing all the technical support you might require to set up a blog leaving you to focus solely on providing content. This is typically aimed at power bloggers and business bloggers, and costs typically $75 to $200 a month

This premium blogging service will typically cover:

  • set up activities
  • maintenance activities
  • support activities

Blog Setup Activities

  • Customized theme set up - give you blog a distintive look
  • Domain set up
  • Database set up
  • Email set up
  • Newsletter provider set up
  • SEO Analytics set up
  • Blog setup - widgets

Blog Maintenance Activities

  • Wordpress maintenance
  • Widget Maintenance
  • Traffic Reporting
  • Site Rating Reporting

Blog Support Activities

  • 101 course on internet marketing
  • Answering marketing queries
  • SEO advice
  • Technical support

In the coming months I will identify and compare various suppliers of this service