Setting up Microsoft Azure Custom Domain Names

Setting up Microsoft Azure Custom Domain Names


This video will walk you through how to configure a Microsoft Azure website to use your custom domain name. We use GoDaddy in this example but the steps should be similar with your domain registrar.


  1. Superb explanation – clear, concise, and to the point! Was able to get my ASP.NET web app up and running very quickly.

  2. Thanks for the video. How would I go about redirecting both the azure default domain and the non www to the www, so that multiple websites aren't being cached.

  3. Thanks a lot for this post!!

    Helped me set up custom domain name for my web site ( although I used different site to register the domain – which has different interface to make A & CNET entries.)

    As you suggested its better to give a some time – an hour or two before verifying all links are working appropriately. The moment you set all the entries for CNET etc. it wont reflect if you access the site immediately. So save panic till couple hours before investigating! Of course problems persists then pff… edit entries and again wait couple hours I guess? (usually the entries should go well following this video though).