Sydney: How To Create A WordPress Website 2016

Sydney: How To Create A WordPress Website 2016


Learn how to create a WordPress website using the free Sydney theme. This is a website you’ll be proud to share with the world; no website shame here, lol. : ) In this vid, I’ll show you how to create a professional, super awesome website for your yoga, wellness or other business. Are you a yoga teacher, wellness coach or wellnesspreneur? This vid is especially for you and will guide you, step-by-step.

When you’re done this vid, you’ll have a professional website for your wellness business that is gonna look ah-mazing! : )

Already have an existing yoga business website but don’t really like it much? If you’re using WordPress, you can upgrade your site to this new design.

Enjoy : )

1) WordPress —- Free
2) Sydney WordPress Theme —- Free
3) Hostgator Web Hosting —- $6+/month


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* Affiliate coupon. I’ll receive a small referral when you use this coupon/link. Thank you for your support in helping me to continue to create more tutorials on YouTube, I appreciate You : )


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P.S. Looking to create an e-commerce WordPress website instead? Learn how to make an e-commerce website with Storefront theme. Here are the steps:


  1. Hi Katrina, I noticed that your Sydney tutorial has 2 boxes on  Dashboard home page, wear as mine has 4. Can you show or point me in the right direction in fixing these differences.

  2. Hey katrinah,

    I have a problem with my site “Your theme’s template file for displaying Service items is missing custom fields.”
    I have “fixed” the problem, I have deleted the plugin Toolset Types and installed the plugin sydney toolbox. The message “Your theme’s template file for displaying Service items is missing custom fields.” doesn’t pop up anymore but I still can’t see the service icons…:(
    Could you help me please?
    Thank you + best wishes

  3. Hello Katrinah, the Sydney theme website designer don't offer the 'settings file' anymore. Could you please give me advice what I should do? And the Types plugin is no longer advised the work with.

  4. Hi Katrinah. I like the theme and I like your tutorial. I followed you but I can not see the social media icons on the footer 2. Are they black or I am doing something wrong?

  5. i'm actually not a big yoga fan:) but this video is so helpful and i'm very grateful for it! i've done very good page for my art project. thank U very much katarinah! you're telling so clearly what to do!:)

  6. Nice tutorial! I have a few questions:

    1) How can I add a title widget on the Home page. I've used text and added only a title, but a lot of space is left between it and the next widget. I actually don't want the text, I want a title for services offered (and the services are to be pictures with buttons to link to another page)
    2) How can I change the header image on the other pages? They all have one default image. I want each page to have a different image.

  7. hi,it's great video…but i'm interested in how can i change foothill because i don't want to be seen which theme did i choose…if you understand me….Thank you :)

  8. I really wish anyone making vids about the Sydney theme would include the fact that to make changes to the footer you have to buy the pro version.

  9. i am wondering if it's worth it getting the premium version? I know it depends but are there more widgets etc?
    and once i finish a theme whether paid or not can i chose another them with my text /pic content?
    thanks again

  10. hi thank you, you make things sound easier! I was wondering if i can have a call button and perhaps also a booking button (easy)? and can i change theme after and populate the new theme easily? thank you!

  11. Dear Katrina,
    It is gorgeous! Easy to understand and follow. Many many thanks. Can I ask two questions?
    1- what is the html / css code if I want to put two or more items side by side – after created two visual editor code – eg: [virtual_slide_box id="1"] – when I insert them in my screen it is not horizontal.
    2 , I would like to make several advertisement boxes on the front page ( 4 ad in one row , minimum 3 row) – with photos, and some text to be linked to a new page. do you have video of it? or which would be the best plugin?
    Many thank.

  12. Great work! Thanks Katrinah. I followed you to build a full site in few hours.. really great.
    But I have a problem.. The testimonials block in the front page.. the title (Praise) exists and visible.. . the action button also exists and visible.. the three circled dots expressing each testimonial exist and visible. they "rotate" also as expected.. BUT the testimonial text itself seems to be hidden.. Its not an issue of color.. I tried to inspect the element as you did but I didn't succeed.. the content change all the time.. Have u any idea? (I made the site in RTL alignment – arabic language site.)