Web Designers: Start Thinking Like Web Design Agencies

Web Designers: Start Thinking Like Web Design Agencies


http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I talk about how freelance web designers should start thinking like web design agencies and start charging for quality resources in order to produce quality work.


  1. Mike, I personally disagree with this.  I usually use an HD camera to take all the pics for the websites.  I don't use special fonts, because no one I've ever designed for, has cared about fancy fonts.  What I've found to be most important for most that I've designed, is a home page that interests the clients.  I guess I have an advantage in that I've always excelled at marketing in several industries.  My game, compared to any other web developer, is miles above.  Great video for anyone who is just starting out though Mike.

  2. images: google images. flickr, stockvault

    fonts: fontsquirrel, google web fonts, dafont

    If you don't look for it, you won't find it. It won't just magically show up on your screen. Keep that in mind. It's there, you just have to find it.

  3. Allot of clients still don't get it that webdesign is serious business and cost a lil bit of money. Most of the time when i charge for a design the client say its a bit to expensive. But when i tell them why im charging them, so they dont get a overused design and that they will get something unique, some change their mind but most still think its expensive. And they would prefer to let a cousin/kid that's "good with computers" make it for them =(

  4. I have an important question for you, Mike. How do you handle justifying to potentially uninformed clients the costs associated with nice photos? What has your experience been? Any client push back, or have your clients been understanding?

    Thanks! +sub'd

  5. Good Tips.. Thanks for sharing. Have been using stock photos and charging clients for the same but never very expensive ones as most of the clients themselves are cheap! 🙁

  6. Could you do a video about products like "sitecube.com" and "register.com". I did a first site in HTML, CSS for a local club. Now I've been asked by 2 folks to help them with their existing sites written in these products. Sitecube steps thru building 100% Flash website with no code available. Register.com builds site allowing some HTML customization. — What is your opinion about doing such work in this type product & for low pay? Skills I'd learn would be people oriented vs computer, I think.

  7. It's funny how just little videos on youtube like this one, and many more of Mike's videos help you improve your website. Like they say it's the little things that matter. Once again cheers for the excellent information Mike!

  8. This is a great video, needs to be sent to most of the people out there who still believe a full website should be less than $500. People need to up their prices to stay inline with cost of living inflation and to keep a standard in the industry. Next person tells me they can find it somewhere else cheaper is getting a beat down. (jokes).

  9. Hi Mike
    Excellent, excellent info as always, I'm in that freelance category you talk about, you're so right, I've done so many small sites but the content really brings the whole tone down. I'm starting to charge and highlight the importance of good content early on in the design brief.

    Mike, you and IStock Rock!.