Webhost Comparison which web host What Web host Should I Choose –...

Webhost Comparison which web host What Web host Should I Choose – need help deciding on a web server



I created this website just to let people know of the better sharing companies that me or my clients have tried. This hosting comparison website is much different than the rest because I let the company do all the talking and I’ve pre-filtered the webhosts so that only the ones I’ve liked in the past made it on the site. I will be adding more to the site as time goes on but these are the best ones that I”ve found so far.
if you know of any good ones and have good reason to know why – please shoot me a message and I will check them out and maybe add them to the list.
I also own a website called http://www.whatwebhost.org that is one I’m also working on but that one will go a little more in depth. In that one I will talk about many things like the terminology that the web world uses and will explain in depth many things about the hosting world – so if you would like to check it out, please do. Its not completed but it is available for you to see.

Thank you for checking out my youtube video and I hope you and yours have a wonderful day/night.

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These are the best webhosts I’ve found:


  1. I've been using Inmotion host for a number of years  and its as good as in the first day. I've seen many good reviews about it on pickuphost com.
     people really like it! So for me its #1

  2. Any doubts? It should be hostgator.Read any review in the internet and see who is far ahead?

    Also one more reason, now they are on sale with their special coupon code HGSAVE25TO50

  3. BIG MISTAKE! Let me retract my statement about how good SiteServingdotcom is, because until I actually signed up, that is what I was fooled into believing, as I'm sure many others have been as well. I read all the positive comments and read on the site how great their 24/7 support is, and how they go the extra mile to satisfy the customer, well, it's all a BIG LIE!, a scam and a half. They never answer the phones or return emails. They take ur cash then lock you out. It just took 1 day to learn 

  4. Glad I was able to help!! It's hard to find a good web host.. SiteServing has definitely been awesome for me though. Cheers!

  5. Thank you, I think I found my host, with the one you recommended. About 90% of the reviews I've read about them are really good, and most of the other negative reviews were mostly payment problems and not hosting problems. So big thanks again, after searching all day for hours, I think I can finally rest assured with your advice.

  6. i like to use youtube.com/watch?v=DSwyEK48cbY

    best hosting plan for wordpress youtube.com/watch?v=DSwyEK48cbY

  7. I tried your servervsserver link and it doesn't seem to work. Do you no longer have this comparison website?

  8. I've been hosting for years and tried so many hosts.. the best I've found so far is SiteServing. They have great prices of course.. but their support is the best!! Check them out when you're looking around for a host..

  9. @EyeSeeArt Sorry for the delay.

    Send me a message via my website or PM me and I will be glad to help you in anyway possible. I have many good pieces of advice for you.