Weebly 2015 – Introduction tutorial to weebly.com: Create a Free Website

Weebly 2015 – Introduction tutorial to weebly.com: Create a Free Website


Please consider using my link when you sign up. You will get a $10 credit and so will I. http://www.weebly.com/link/82qVHa
In this video I show you how to make a free website easy and fast using weebly.com. This basic tutorial will take you step by step all the way through publishing. Please subscribe!


  1. just want to ask i already tried it, published it but considering i would like to share it with my facebook will that ask me to pay for something or will it still be free

  2. HELLO
    I want to show case whats new on the website on home section so people can click on it and read the article how can I do that?

  3. You have put everything so perfectly…Its just that I can't see the design section to change my fonts. pls Help…Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your help!! Nice of you…and yes absolutely , when I graduate to a paying level I shall refer to you! Thanks !!!

  5. I am interested in this www builder . I would like to know is there Polish language to browse ? I do not know English perfect. I am a Polish man

  6. New website hosting service. It includes free cpanel and no payment at all is required!


  7. ok,i clicked on your link,and will set up a free account lets see if what you say is real,be back soon lol

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  9. I don't like your video, seems like you are trying stuff and you really don't know from experience what its gonna do. I want a tutorial from a knowledgable person who actually knows what they are doing. Thank you very much.

  10. Your video was very helpful.  I have never tried this before, but was asked to make a web site for a group I belong to.  I am very glad I found you.  Thank You!

  11. Best offer on Fiverr to make you an amazing weebly website.


  12. Great tutorial, easy to follow with clear instructions on the basics for getting started using Weebly. I've been trying to decide between Squarespace & Weebly … after watching your tutorial, it seems that Weebly may be better suited for someone who is relatively new to website building. Thank you.