What is Material Design Lite?

What is Material Design Lite?


Mustafa Kurtuldu explains what Material Design is and how using MDL will give designers and developers a Material look and feel for their websites. We will start off with a brief explanation of the material design guidelines, then move onto the intention MDL’s design and why it was designed for static websites. This video will give designers and developers a clear and concise understanding of material design and MDL.

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  1. All Apps should be material design dark nice!! 😀 bit like windows UI but simpler!!! so much nicer. theres is messy

  2. Thanks for making MDL!
    It's awesome for me, as I don't like to start with CSS stuff most of the time.
    I've already started to update one of my projects to use MDL!
    It's easy to use and a lot of explanation on the website.
    Thanks again.

  3. IMO Material Design has failed. Nobody is using it, as it was shown at the IO (not even Google).

    For Android it's still very hard to develop a MD App because the resources are so bad.

    Polymer has still lots oft bugs and problems.

    You are Google – why don't you care about this???

  4. There is also a Dart Version: http://www.material-design-lite.pub . As always: Batteries included. SPA samples: http://styleguide.material-design-lite.pub/#/

  5. The design of the Play Music app is bad. Why it does not look like in the video at 2:03? That would be much better…