What’s Your Web Design Process?

What’s Your Web Design Process?


http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I share my web design process. The web design process is often overlooked. But its vital to helping you overcome the struggle of not knowing what to do or where to start when designing a website.


  1. Staying away from BS clients who don't supply you with what's required to start and complete a website project. It's a battle you will always lose. That's the best part of my process.

  2. Thanks Mike!  This is really good advice, especially for ones like me where I can code mockups and templates down to the pixel but am looking to start building out my own designs for the client base.

  3. I am so grateful to have stumbled onto your channel. Thank you so much for your generosity with your knowledge. I appreciate everything you have shared. Looking into your training course next!

  4. I have been building a web portfolio of sites, I haven't used it yet because my clients have wanted a specific design or wanted themes.

  5. How do you deal with clients that delivers their content late? 
    I always always have this problem. I finished design & development, and the website sleeps, sometimes for months until the client finally send me the data to upload! 

  6. Hi, I'm lookimg for someone to help me improve my current site. Please msg me back if you are interested in this job. Thanks

  7. I'm happy that web-design industry have some like You, Michael :). You sharing your experience for me (us) is in-valuable, because you show path to follow, how to avoid mistakes, how to think wisely, become the best. Thank you for everything! 

  8. Hi Mike, thank you for all the nice videos you are presenting to us, i would like to ask if possible if you can help us showing more in depth about UI Technics? how i can use it, is there is standers basics, Books to read?, or course.

    I've been working as web designer for more than six years, how i can know if am a Pro. UI Designer or a web designer?.

    Thank you so much for your help

  9. Great video Michael. It is crucial for designers to have a plan/process to guide them through their designs in a meaningful way. One thing I would add is, for those people who want a to use a user-centered design process, make sure to involve target users wherever you can throughout your process — for example, gather user requirements, research target users and their needs, test sketches and prototypes with users, etc. This will help you to validate your design choices in an important way.

  10. Amazing video! I'm currently trying to teach myself how to design websites. I can't wait til I get the point where I can apply this knowledge. I'm still learning HTML, CSS, and then probably Photoshop at the moment unfortunately. So it feels like a long way to go. Thanks. 

  11. I have a question: On elance and some other freelancer sites, the "job" descriptions are
    "all over the board" it's hard to even phathom what they are talking about much less submit a legitimate estimate. Can you make a video going through several freelancer
    jobs and describing how you as a professional would interpret them? THanks for all of
    your videos. They are fantastic.