wix vs wordpress – free website blog platforms for business, SEO and...

wix vs wordpress – free website blog platforms for business, SEO and money making


WordPress Vs Wix and which free cms platform / software is better for websites, SEO and to use to make money with your website

Wix might be easier to initially setup but theres sooo many reasons you should start out right or just convert to WordPress.

You need this video so you can maximize your efforts and use your website to generate money using a free website cms platform for your websites.

Okay you can watch some of this info else where but isn’t it more exciting to watch seo, website or business advice from a good looking young woman with a fun personality??! haha enjoy and learn at the same time! 🙂


  1. I kept waiting for the MANY reasons, but only heard SEO, SEO, SEO which is relative. I had 2 websites, one with wordpress and other with Wix and although it is true about the SEO wizard with Wix, it's not that you are invisible to Google/Bing. You just have to work a bit on making your site findable. Also, I remember paying about a $1k for my wordpress site and yes, it was first on list mainly because of the name, but I tried at least 20 keyword: nothing, not a single time I was on the main page.

    It seems Wix is that site "pros" hate because it is taking job away from them, and that's reasonable but some of them have to come up with insults about not knowing how to code. Whatever: if it loads ok, shows ok, it's on Google and can be done for half (or less) the price, so be it. Im with Wix.